Tug Of War Between “Rangrasiya” and “Beinteha”

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Colors TV has launched TV shows together “Rangrasiya” and “Beinteha” together with very good cast and production houses. Both shows are telecasted at 9:00pm and 9:30pm time slots.

Beintehaa, Zain & Aliya

Beinteha is Muslim social surrounding love story between Zain and Aliya of two different classes. Zain belongs to Rich family and Aliya belongs to a middles class family and both have different concept for love. Zain don’t believe in love but Aliya believes that love can change our life and brings true happiness. They both get married and now story in going though hate to love journey soon.

rangrasiya , Paro & Rudra

Rangrasiya is a very different hatred and love story between ignited Rudra and Simple Girl Paro. Both have some bad circumstances in their past and they come close to each other in some strange situations. They stories goes from the fueled, ignited hatred story to love. The chemistry between Rudra and Paro is just an amazing on screen.

paro rudra-zain-aliya

Good Competitions between Rangrasiya and Beinteha show is going on.

There is TRP competition between these shows and Beinteha is having good TRP then Rangrasiya. But now it seem that Rangrasiya’s current track will change the TRP’s of these show due to the romantic sequences and Paro and Rudra is fuming the strong between the romantic chemistry between Zain & Aliya. Both shows are promising for the romantic scenes between these Two Couples.

On social media both show’s fan are always seems to talk about their two favorite shows. If any social page asks to choose one of the best show between them the fans of both shows just used to attack on the post and want to win the competition. Rangrasiya’s fans having some complaints with the channel of the show that they are not promoting the show as they are promoting the others shows. They are trending on social networks against the channel for this unjustified behavior. On the other side Beinteha fans looks satisfied and enjoying the success of their show.

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    1. yes Rangrasiya is the best show with all the good features in it its TRP Ratings may be less at the starting stage but from know it will defintely increase its rating

  1. Rangrasiya is best show as compared to beinteha because story of rangrasiya Is different,chemistry between paro and rudra is outstanding,
    Tittle track of rangrasiya Is best… I just love this show and actors are amazing, music as well as background music everything is awesome abt the show <3<3

  2. rangrasiya is the bestest show ever both harsad n preetika cannt stand infront of SANAYA N ASHISH BOTH SANISH R AWSM ACTORS RANGRASIYA AWSMMMMM PARO N RUDRA CHEMISTERY IS MORE SIZZLING THN ZAIN N ALIYA SO DONT TRY TO COMPARE THM WITH PARUD <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Yaar say like this abt any actressss….yaar…Yes I Am big fan of Rangrasiya tooo byt we don’t have this ryt too say anything like that tooooany actressss…

  3. Rangrasiya. Rokks…….super duper awsummm I jst wtch rangrasiya n its amazng shw…evr beintehaa cant b cmpare vd rangrasiya…..sanaya…u r fab I luv uu….a lottt

  4. God how can one even compare one talented actress acting stamina and one best actor acting capability and one good production’s house with no acting actress and saas babu show

    Look with out any doubt ranvrasiya is best
    I dont think anywber beinteha won
    And as jt js saas shiw 2points are .ore trp for it..

    Rangrasiya is on the way to bang all

    Sanaya irani ks one hell amazing star
    And sanaya ashish chemistry is mindblowing

    J shoukd cc ashish sharma acting …that is fantastic..


    Parud rthe best

  5. colors is not promoting RANGRASIYA ..for two whole weeks it did not show any promo for Rangrasiy .It shows promos only for beintehaa, madhubala, balika vadhu .very bad..

  6. ye barud marud kya hai itna bakwas show hai koi dhekta b nai hai beintehaa is the best serial the actors are harshad arora and preetika rao the sister of beautiful actress amrita rao understand uh idiot guyz go to hell dhek lena beintehaa top serial hogi puri india mein chal apni ye barud bomb ko ata le bade aye barud wale

    the cutest couple in the world undstand they will be real life couple they are so cute fabulous actors there chemistery is awesome brilliant actors the da bollywood history understand now shut ur mouth and go to hell u haters i bet u beintehaa will be the highest drama serial beinteha will…..tum logo se baat hi karna bekar e chall nekal

  7. LOL silly article BUT Beintehaa can’t be compared with Rangrasiya! Rangrasiya has a much better concept, stronger actors and MOST OF ALL it has logic..which Beintehaa completely lacks! It’s a complete crapfest and the lead actors of BI can’t act. They need to go a LONG way. Ashish and Sanaya are a class apart and comparing them with the other two would be a huge insult.

    1. I completely agree with you! But BI fans are blind, they can’t see the difference, RR has class! So much of it! It’s sad to see RR with low trps every week but I know it will increase!

  8. i love only Rangrasiya .i love parud hot romanctic chemisry between .i don’t like beinteha what a bakwas show hai yaar .hero ke face tortoise ki face ki tarak laktahai .herine to slowly tortoise hai speak kartewakth .

  9. i’mini from tamil nadu .i love only Rangrasiya .i love parud hot romanctic chemisry .i don’t like beinteha what a bakwas show hai yaar .hero ke face tortoise ki face ki tarak laktahai .herine to slowly tortoise hai speak kartewakth .

  10. Beintehaa rocks…..bst serial on colors.
    rangrasiya is also good but cannot be compared with beintehaa, jst see its popularity it even appeared on 2 states. Beintehadagi henna nungaiba serial leirmba yai adubu eigidi cna favni so i will support beintehaa no matter what.
    Expecting more twist in upcoming episodes

  11. First i cannot imagine to compare these both shows…as they have different stories..different background…and more overs one is passionate and one is light love story…second i think that is fairly a unjustice to leads of rangrasiya to compare with leads of beinteha..as they have long way to reach where sanaya and ashish are…regarding to story line..rangrasiya has story and very unique one…these are trick of beinteha fans to compate both shows specially the leads to get some limelight…for Me rangrasiya is best..

  12. Der s no comperision between beintehaa n rangrasia..both hv different stories…n we cnt compare two different things..like i cant compare ratan tata with sachin tendulkar…

  13. beintehaass fans kehte he ki preetika rao is the bst.cz she is sister of Bollywood..itz wrong,preetika dnt actng…..her xpresn so brng…Amrita’s acting is btr dn Preetika…bt sanaya is a vry telnted,cute,beautiful Actress.

  14. rAngrasiya is the best shoW ever Der s no comperision between beintehaa n rangrasia.sanaya is de best actress she is cute more then preetika

  15. RangRasiya ?????, ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ??????? ? ????? ?????????? ? ????? ??????????? ????? ???? ? ?????, ??? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ? ????? ?????? ???????? ??? Bientaha. ?? ??????? ???????????? Bienteha ???????? ? ???????? ? ?? ??????? ??? ? ???????? ??? ??????? RangRasiya. ??????? ??? ?????? Bienteha ?????? ???????. ???? ?? ???????? ??????? ??? ??????????? ? ????????, ????? ? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ? ?? ??????. ??? ??????????, ?? ?????? ?? ????????? ? ??? ????? ?????????. ??????? ?????? ??????????? ???????? ???????, ? ?? ???????? ??? ???? ????? ??????. ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ???????????? ????? ?????. ? ????? ?????? ?? ????, ?????? ??? ????? ????????? ??????? ? ?????????? ?? ???? ???????, ?????? ??? ????? ?? ??????, ? ????? ?????? ????? ????????, ????? ?? ????? ?????????? ? ???????????? ????? ?????. ? ???? ??? ?????? ?????. ????? ?????? ? ?????? ????? ? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ??????, ?? ?????? ????? ????????? ????????.

  16. RR an BI are having two different stories. Both are best at their end. But in terms of storyline I think RR has a strong storyline than BI. BI is coming with new twist by just inserting new characters and new problems. First it was Aayath’s and FAhad’s problems and now it is Barkath’s. Once Barkath one is over again they’ll come up with a new issu, like in Ekta Kapoor’s dramas.Even though they say it is all about Aaliya and Zain I don’t find that the story is revolving around them. Please don’t think that I’m criticizing the show, but it is the fact. But when we take RR it was and it is always about Rudra and Paro. They are very strong with these characters from the beginning. Whatever the twist and turn it revolves around them. The story is constant.

    As I stated both shows are best. I like both ZaYa and PaRud. So no comparison for something that is not comparable.

  17. I prefer Beintehaa as it is muslim serial. The story line is different to the normal story that most indian serials depict i.e. the mother in law who does not like the daughter-in- law, tries to poison her etc. which is the case in Rangrassia. i watch both shows. I think the story line in Beintehaa is good I have become addicted to Beintehaa, the acting is good. IN RR I found that at one stage Paro’s dancing is so experienced but she is being portrayed as a girl who has never danced…..

    Although some of the actors in Beintehaa are not known or famous, the fact is that they are competing against experienced actors and it is good that they are getting recognition for their work. well done on Beintehaa,

    Most serials have to keep adding story lines and new characters to keep their audience glued – that is the secret of serials. There should not be a comparison between he two shows.

  18. Ashish is not just king of heart… he is King of acting too. Sanaya is also great actress. Ashish have mind blowing physic, he is so handsome… NO ONE can beat him…
    Love You Ashish….

  19. as per i observe the TRP ratings… i observe that despite of rubbish story line and unwanted scenes be-inteha is getting more viewers… i mean look at rangrasiya…look at the high team work and the fabulous acting done by sanaya and ashish…i dont think that the leas of be-inteha are doing a good acting…they are just covered up by the gust of winds blowed and extra ordinary focus and pauses..seriously…i love Parud..and there is no comparison of Aliya and zain with our Parud…!

  20. Rangrasiya is best show, rudar & paro chemistry is outstanding, i liked it so much rangrasia, Ashish & sanaya it is very different story

  21. RR is any day a better show when compared to beintehaan
    acting, story, romance everything is to the perfection.

  22. Rangrasiya always Rockxxxx
    BI ..uff i just hate it.What way..in which way they were competitors to our Parud.
    Sanish’s great chemistry always hot the screen

  23. How can you compare rangrasiya and beintehaa? Rangrasiya is the best. Rangrasiya has a very different story and parud chemistry is awesome. I love rangrasiya and I am totally addicted to it. Whatever may be the trps, Rangrasiya is the best…….

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