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Body Painting: Creativity to Apply On Body

Body Painting

What is painting? Why do people paint or involve in any activity of art. Painting is basically an art which is used by artists to express their opinions or to show their solidarity with some policy, opinion or motive or to express their feelings. Painting everywhere: You would have observed many forms of paintings like paintings about nature, science, technology, ... Read More »

Get Success With Little Steps

success every where

Who wants to stay jobless? Hunting for job is a pain, and everyone wants to land on their dream job. Yet, not everyone who applies for a job gets it easily. You will be surprised to know that there are a few simple things that you can do to make your job interview a success. This book lays out effective ... Read More »

Body Painting – Crafting You as a Center of Attention

Body Painting -45

Human body includes the entire structure as well as internal organs it has in itself, performing distinct functions. A person always tries to improve the outward show as it makes him confident, classy, elegant and groomed. A body deserves to get intense care as it executes according to our wishes. We need body in each and every task we do ... Read More »

Some Mind Blowing Body Paintings Awrtork Ideas!

Body Paintings Awrtork

As Christmas is just around the corner body paintings is once again gaining the popularity. It includes face painting, full body painting or just having tattoos at your back. These paintings can last for hours or weeks depending upon the type you have opted for. It was initially started in Austria but wasn’t welcomed much at that time but after ... Read More »

Trendy Bridal designs for Pakistani Bridals

Bridal dresses in pakistan

Since the wedding season has started in Pakistan, so many people are tending towards markets and different designer outlets to get the ideas for bridal dresses. Everyone in this era of inflation and rising prices wants to get quality product in reasonable price and packaging. For that purpose, the designers and different bridal dresses outlets in the markets have started ... Read More »

Turkish Hijab Fashion Styles – Elegant, Decent & Good Looking

Turkish Hijab Fashion Styles -25

As we all know, Turkey is a country having large Muslim community. All the people have strong religious feelings in Turkey; therefore the women there prefer to wear hijab. Hijab has also made obligatory for the women by their religious conviction but few countries have banned its usage upon corporate level as it discriminates them from others. It is not ... Read More »

Han Ga-In-top 10 most beautiful women in South Korea

Han Ga-In-85

Han Ga- In is rated as one of the top 10 most beautiful women in South Korea. Han Ga-in is a South Korean performing artist. She featured in TV arrangement Yellow Cloth and Terms of Charm ahead of schedule in her vocation, and turned into a looked for after model in advertisements. Her anticipates in 2012 were massively fruitful, with ... Read More »

Emma Watson Hollywood gossip


The 23 years old actress, Emma Watson, is blossoming in the acting career. She is the lady of all men’s heart and has reached the most respected place in her acting profession. The girl from Brown University got selected for J.K. Rowling’s harry potter series leading role. She got famous for her acting and since then she has become the ... Read More »